One Nation Under Stress: How Social Connection Can Heal Us (The Commonwealth Club)

"Stress. There is the good kind—the kind that makes us feel alive and excited. And then there is chronic stress—the type that keeps our cortisol levels high and has a toxic effect on our bodies, minds and hearts. Our country is feeling more stressed than ever. Twenty-four percent of adults in America have reported experiencing extreme stress, and 66 percent say they’re stressed out about the future of our nation. In a world that feels increasingly fraught and fractured, how might we heal ourselves? Join INFORUM for a conversation with Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, 19th surgeon general of the United States, doctor and tech entrepreneur, on how cultivating emotional well-being can counter stress, and h

UCSF Medical School Commencement

Honored to address our nation's new graduates: my call for a new generation of moral leaders who lead with clarity and courage. Who uphold the values of equality, opportunity, and respect for all. Who recognize that fear is the crutch of cowardly leaders and who choose instead to lead with love. Watch the full commencement address. #video #commencement #speech